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I have recently joined an organization on campus called A Moment Of Magic. We are just one chapter out of many here in the United States. This organizations goal is to bring some happiness to medically vulnerable children by showing up and giving them the opportunity to spend time with their favorite fairy tale character or superhero. A Moment of Magic has given me the opportunity to give back to the community by helping kids who are going through a difficult time in their lives. My goal in this organization is to make an impact on these kids and make them smile even if it is only for the few hours we get to spend with them. In order to become a character, there are a few things I need to accomplish, one thing being to raise enough money for a costume. It would be super amazing if you could help me raise this money so I can spread the love and happiness every child deserves. By helping me raise this money, you're helping me shine some light on a child's day!


of $450 goal