Jeremysam Gillman

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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I was taught from an early to help others in any way I can without expecting or requesting
anything in return. I know this lesson has made me who I am today. My brother was born with
some developmental delays and I was there every step of the way helping him to where he is
today: strong, happy, and thriving. I want to have the same role in my professional career and
being part of the A Moment of Magic Community allows me to do so. I am a driven and strong
leader who takes nothing for granted and will do everything possible to help people that I meet.
Interacting with children is something that brings joy to my life and because of that I cannot wait
to interact with them on a more consistent basis through A Moment of Magic. I cannot wait to
start this new chapter in my life and I need your help to get there. Any help towards my goal is
appreciated and is tax deductible. Thank you for your help and support!


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