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A Moment of Magic is an Organization that helps to make the dreams of medical vulnerable children come true and reminds them to be brave, strong, and fearless. I wish to become a larger part of this organization and to help encourage those in need. My way of accomplishing this goal is to become a character, by donating to this page you are helping me to reach my goal of helping others. The chapter to which I, hope to belong to as a character is located at West Virginia University in Morgantown WV. I am currently a student at WVU and major in Biochemistry with an emphases in Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. I was prompted to study this subject because a neurological degenerative disease affects a very important family member of mine. This has pushed me to work hard and lead me to work at our local hospital while I was still in high school. Upon graduation I began to attend WVU and continue to work at the hospital as a phlebotomist.


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