Help Katie Fund a Dress for AMOM

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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Those who know me know that I have always wanted to become a doctor, and I have most recently been interested in Pediatrics. I came across A Moment of Magic this year at Carolina and thought it would be a fun and unique way to really help children. I also of course love the idea of becoming a princess so this could be a dream come true for me!
A Moment of Magic is a nonprofit organization that allows college students to volunteer and make visits to children's hospitals (or other areas) to visit kids in need. College students have the opportunity to audition for a character (princess or superhero) and become them in order to make these children smile. I need to raise at least $450 to fund my character's outfit in order to go on these visits. This is something I want to do incredibly bad but I can not do it without first raising the money. Absolutely anything helps, even just a share!
Thank you for all contributions!


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