Help Brooke Dress to Impress a Child

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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I have always wanted to give back to the world and try to insert a little magic into the lives of those who need it most.
That's why I am part of a fantastic organization called "A Moment of Magic", or "AMOM" for short! AMOM is made up of volunteer students from their respective schools who dedicate their time to changing lives and bringing some of our classic fairy tale characters to life for children who are sick in the hospital. We raise all the funds to keep this organization going which is where you come in!
I want to use my many years in theater and music to represent one of the beautiful princesses and for that I must raise $400 to cover the cost of my costume in particular. I would be grateful for any amount you can spare so I can fulfill this dream of mine to bring joy to children in need!
Together we are brave, strong, and fearless!


of $450 goal