Emily's Journey to Create Magic!

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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Hi everyone, my name is Emily Carman! I am asking for anyone who can help for a donation towards my goal of $450 for this organization I am a part of here at West Virginia University! A Moment of Magic, allows members the wonderful experience as dressing up as everybody's favorite princesses, princes, superheroes and more! We take part in many events in and around the West Virginia area, events such as CureFest, a weekend long event in Washington D.C to help raise awareness and money for a cure towards pediatric cancer! We also visit children here at Ruby Memorial Hospital where we sing, play, and give them a chance to escape from their world for a little. Everyone that knows me knows that I am the first person to understand being scared in a hospital bed at a young age, and wanted more awareness for some of the uncommon illnesses I have. Those of you also know that I am all about the Magic that life has to offer!


of $450 goal