Kelsey's Dream of Being a Princess

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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My name is Kelsey Haley. Since joining A Moment of Magic (AMOM), my life has changed for the better as I have made some great friends and served my community. I joined this club not just to serve my community, but to brighten the days of young children who are suffering from illness! My best friend's sister was diagnosed with Leukemia at 4 years old and she told me her experience of princesses visiting her. This was the first time I had heard about AMOM. I recently found that the University had that as an elective which brought back the memory of how delighted my friend's sister was to have the chance to see a princess. I now strive to make patients as happy as my friend's sister was because nothing can beat the smile and joy it brings to them. However, I need donations in order to go on visits as a character so please donate to this page. Any help for donations would make my dream of helping young children with terminal illness come true. Have a wonderful day!


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