Sadie Stelter's Mission for Magic

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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While my vocation is literature, my avocation has always been helping children who don't have the childhood they deserve. Through my college's organization, A Moment of Magic, I am finally able to make a difference in a child's life. This organization allows volunteers to dress as popular children's characters and visit hospitals and homes, as well as attend charity events to spend time with kids, listen to them, and play with them. Small events like these can give children who are dealing with very adult concerns the chance to just be kids again. They can give them the strength and courage to face their fears and battle their own demons. Please help me realize my dreams of helping the kids who can't help themselves. Your donation would be used to fund costumes, transportation, and other gifts for the kiddos. Thank you for your consideration! Thank you for loving our children!


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