Make Lauren a Princess!

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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My name is Lauren Albrecht and I am a new member for the University of Arizona's chapter of A Moment of Magic. AMOM is an amazing non-profit organization aimed at creating light and magic in the lives of young children in hospitals and foster homes. We visit children dressed as princesses, superheroes, and various other characters and work our hardest to brighten their days.
I am a freshman Pre-physiology major and AMOM is an outlet for me to get in touch with my creative side while also working towards my career goals. I also strive to help those who are in need and I especially enjoy working with children. I am on the pre-med track looking to attend medical school by the year 2022 in order to study for becoming a pediatric oncologist. AMOM allows me to help others and develop a strong network of doctors, nurses, and patients all while doing something I genuinely enjoy, singing and acting.
As a new member of the chapter, I am very excited for all of the wonderful experiences.


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