Help Briana Become a Princess!

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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My name is Briana Walkin-Haske and I go to Coastal Carolina University. I'm involved in an organization called A Moment of Magic which is a 501c3 non-profit organization that brings joy to medically vulnerable children by dressing up as their favorite princesses and superheros. We bring magic into their lives when they need it the most just to see the smile on their faces. This semester I decided to take on the responsibility of becoming a character and in order to do so I need to raise $450 to offset the cost of costuming and maintain the highest level of character integrity that I can. Any amount of donation will get me closer to my goal, so anything and everything helps. We do this in the hopes to bring a little magic into their lives when they need it the most. No kid should ever have to go through this and I want to help in the best way I know how, bringing a smile to their faces.


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