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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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The club I am raising money for is called A Moment of Magic and we go visit children in hospitals as characters from their favorite stories and movies. I am fundraising to pay for the creation of my costume for my character in A Moment of Magic. Because I will be visiting children in this costume as a popular fairy tale character, and kids notice the smallest things, it is important that my costume is as authentic as possible which is why we are getting them professionally made. I remember how important these characters were to me as a child and I am so excited to be able to inspire the same wonder in the kids I will be visiting. Once I have raised the money for the costume my character will be chosen for me based on my audition. Then that character will stay in the chapter from now on, even after I graduate my costume will stay behind and be altered for the next person to take on the character. So not only will you be helping me but the future of the club as well.


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