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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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"Hi! My name is Hayley Rafkin and I am a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!

Recently, I was lucky enough to join UNC Chapel Hill’s chapter of A Moment of Magic Foundation. Growing up, princesses were always role models for me. I remember being mesmerized by their beauty, poise, courage, and of course, their gowns. This idea of “princesses” and the power they possess to do so much good in the world came to life when I volunteered with AMOM during a Pediatric Playroom Visit at UNC Hospitals. Seeing each child’s face light up with joy as they got to interact with our princesses was truly heartwarming. For a few hours, these children were able to put their illnesses aside and just be kids.

I believe that laughter, smiles, and joy have the power to make anyone’s day. Through AMOM, this power can be spread to those who need it the most. As someone who has seen the interactions between a princess and a child, I can confidently say that it is magic.


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