Help Cherokee Wave Her Magic Wand

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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What's A Moment of Magic? It's exactly that! A moment we give to children with illnesses for them to be able to believe in fairy tales, super heroes and well, magic. These children don't get to go out and do things most kids do, many may not even know or remember a time they could play and be a kid. My goal and the goal of A Moment of Magic is to give these kids the childhood they deserve. I am trying to raise enough money to afford a princess costume, so I can go to pediatric hospitals and surprise as many children as I can with something we all have dreamed of before, meeting a real life princess! I want these kids to forgot about the hospital room, forget about the pain and just be a happy and feel pure joy. I am looking for $450 in donations for this cause. Please support me in giving these children the magic they need.


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