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Hi my name is Kaci Koch. I am currently heading into my junior year at the University of Arizona, as an honors student, double majoring in Public Health and Nutritional Sciences Dietetics. I pride myself on my ability to work extremely hard for what I want and my selflessness to put others before myself which is why I wanted to become a part of A Moment of Magic. Although I have only had two years on this college campus, I truly believe my leadership skills and volunteering efforts are showcased by all that I have been involved with in these two years as well as in high school. As a student wanting a career in the medical field, I know I will have limitless options if I continue to involve myself within organizations that will help me grow as a person while giving myself to those in need. If you were to donate to me, it would allow me to not only change my life, but allow me to enrich others lives who are in the hospital with high risk illnesses.


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