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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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I am a proud member of "A Moment of Magic", an new organization at West Virginia University! A Moment of Magic helps to restore faith into children that are suffering from a variety of diseases. The mission of this organization is 'to re-deliver the magic of believing at a time when children need to just be a kid and remind them to be brave, strong, and fearless' I am a junior Nursing student and my dream is to become a
nurse on a pediatric trauma floor/ER in order to help children in these tough times of need. This will be the start to my future and not only making my dreams come true, but the lives of many children's dreams as well. Your donation can help us reach more hospitals, and help with our costumes in order to bring magic to these amazing children. 
I have started this GIVEID, with a goal of $450, with the hope to raise money not only for A Moment of Magic, but to ensure that with every visit we make dreams come true!


of $450 goal