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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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As a child, everyone had a dream of meeting their role model, and think about how wonderful it may have or could have been to meet that role model! Since being in A Moment of Magic Foundation at UNC, me and many other members have been able to help bring those dreams to life. Kids that truly deserve these opportunities are able to meet their favorite characters, while having to enduring difficult times.

On March 29th, A Moment of Magic at UNC is putting on its first Fashion Show for the Fight. During this event, many of our characters (including me) will be walking down the stage with medically vulnerable children dressed as their favorite characters. I am currently trying to raise money to help the child I am walking with purchase their own costume.

Anyone is welcome to join this exciting event, and donations are welcome as well, if you are able to. Any support would help tremendously in helping to give these brave children a dream come true!


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