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Not knowing what its like to be a true kid is something I never want any child to experience. A child should be able to do things they want like play games, have play dates, make friends, and just be happy doing things they love, however, there are many children unable to do things like those. Due to many medical vulnerabilities, like pediatric cancer and autism, there are so many kids in this world who can't be the kid they wish to be. A Moment of Magic is here to help with that! We are a Non-profit Organization where college students dress up as childhood characters and bring the magic to wherever the children are. Hospital visits, home visits, or even skype calls from all over the world are done by these characters to help brighten the days of so many children! The money that I raise is going to be put towards the design of my costume, so that I can also help put smiles on the faces of these children!


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