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Imagine what it would be like to be a child again, now imagine that something is wrong and you have to go to a tall menacing building where people are weeping all around you. Weird gloved-people constantly stick you with sharp objects and have a bunch of intimidating, noisy machines hooked up to different parts of your body. Now, imagine growing up in this situation, being in the same bed for months at a time with only short dispersed breaks. Your friends used to visit but after a while, the numbers slowly dwindle down and your only source of communication with the outside world is your favorite T.V. show and movies. If this experience sounds terrifying to you then help me help these kids by raising enough money to get the coolest costume around. Imagine one more thing for me, imagine the smile on a child’s face when their favorite superhero or character walks into the room, the sheer joy and happiness in the face is enough to make the toughest of the tough weep like a baby.


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