Karris A Drop of Magic, A Flood of Hope

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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My goal is to raise money for costumes and other necessities that would help me bring a child's dream to life, to allow me to play a character that they idolize and have always wanted to meet. I wish to provide for children what I always wanted as a child: a reassurance of magic in this world, a warm smile, and maybe a hug. A Moment Of Magic is just that, magic, and while these children meet these characters only for a few moments, the smiles and laughter they bring never leave them. I want to help cast this spell, and bring whatever joy I can, wherever I can. I remember going to the Renaissance fair when I was young and meeting the knights, the princesses, and the fairies. I still remember, over ten years later the pure joy I had felt. For some children, this experience is difficult to achieve, as they can't go to a fair, but A Moment Of Magic brings the fair, and the magic, to them instead. I simply want to help bring a little light into the lives of those I meet.


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