Emily Adamson's Mission for Magic

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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College has been such an amazing experience so far, I've met amazing people and my classes constantly make me more interested about my field of study. One of the most exciting parts of college is being open to new opportunities and ""making my life count"" (which is the gustavus motto lol). I decided to join a volunteer organization that means so much to me, and will be the best way to ""make my life count"" here. It is called A Moment of Magic At Gustavus, and essentially students dress up as princesses and other characters like superheroes, and visit pediatric hospitals.
I joined this organization because of how much I want to help these kids, and to create a little magic for them when they need it most. In order to be a princess, I have to raise $450 for my costume. It would mean so much if any of you could donate, I really want to help these kids.


of $450 goal