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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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If you know me well, you know that I have ALWAYS been helplessly in love with princesses. My dream occupation as a child was a princess. Plain and simple, I just knew that I was going to be one. And surprisingly enough... I may have been right! This year I joined the Ohio State chapter of A Moment of Magic, a national organization that focuses on bringing joy to children in need. Primarily, the organization focuses on pediatric cancer but have recently expanded to other children who need an extra light in their life such as those with physical and mental disabilities. The OSU AMOM chapter is the first in Ohio and we travel all across Ohio to visit children in need. For more information on AMOM in general, feel free to visit their website at Currently, I am a princess in training. The training process takes about a semester, which includes required character training sessions, volunteer hours, and character shadowing hours.


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