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Most of us know what it is like to just be a normal kid. Being with friends, playing games, and just enjoying life. But, there are tons of children out there who are unable to have this experience due to their illnesses, cancer being one of those. This is where A Moment of Magic helps: a nonprofit, nationwide, college based, organization that helps bring the magic back into a chronically ill child's life. We dress up as princesses, princes, and superheroes that they adore. Our organization visits these children in hospitals, at their homes, and even over Skype calls. We are here to help them lose their concerns for the day, forget about tomorrow's treatment or today's problems, we are here to put a smile on their face, and remind them what its like to be a normal kid. The money that I raise will be put towards the creation of my costume. These costumes are very high quality and require lots of time and effort to make them.


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