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A Moment of Magic is a wondrous organization where college-aged students such as myself volunteer at hospitals and various charity events while dressed up as all kinds of characters bringing joy into kid's lives. I decided to join A Moment of Magic because when I learned about the incredible work they do, my heart leaped! I consider myself to be a very passionate person and whenever I get head over heels excited about an opportunity and I can feel my whole heart in it, there's always magical things that come from it. This foundation's core values of being brave, strong, and fearless resonate deeply with me on a personal level. I am the oldest of 3 girls and my Mom has always encouraged us to grow into strong, independent women. I make a personal commitment every day to embrace my fears with courage and stand strong. I am fundraising because A Moment of Magic takes great pride in the quality of service they provide and the costumes the characters wear!


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