Stephanie Barnes's AMOM Campaign!

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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My name is Stephanie Barnes and I am an energetic infant teacher. I love what I do! I have been working with children of all ages for the past eighteen years. I will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in “Early Care Learning” with three honors in May of 2018. I am asking for funds to help “A Moment of Magic Foundation”. This is a nonprofit organization that allows us college students to provide creative programming to medically vulnerable children, dressed as their favorite characters. We also raise awareness for pediatric cancer. When it comes down to it we just love what we do! We enjoy helping children and putting smiles on their faces. Knowing that we impact many family’s lives for the better drives us to work harder to help. Not many people can do what we do. That’s why it is so important to help in any way you can. That’s why I am asking for your help.


of $450 goal