Do it for the Smiles!

A Moment of Magic Foundation

We do everything from sing alongs, bedside visits, and book readings for kids with serious medical illnesses while dressed up as princesses and superheroes What we want to do is to make a kid's day, and make them believe in magic again! We train, we volunteer, and we fundraise. This is where I need your help, with the fundraising. I need to get a custom costume, wig, accessories, and shoes to become a real life princess! We do all of this for a smile, and it's worth it! I'm asking you to help me make this happen, and I would appreciate any and all amounts of generosity. Also we are on a time crunch, so now is the perfect time to donate! I want to do this for a smile and to give kids their very own Moment Of Magic, I hope you will too. :)


of $450 goal