Campbell's Costume Fundraiser

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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There is nothing better than seeing a smile on a troubled child's face. Sometimes kids are forced to go through things at such a young age that even adults should not have to face. It is sometimes hard for them to remember that they are kids and that they deserve to enjoy what every other kid does. Some of the kids that struggle with these things need an escape, and what better than a visit from their favorite fairytale characters and superheroes! A Moment of Magic Foundation makes all of these kids' dreams come true, and reminds them to be "brave, strong and fearless" through the use of acting, singing, fun and... professional costumes (which we need your help with)! These costumes are what make the kids truly believe. They are the cherry on top, if you will, that confirms in these kids' minds that if magic exists, then so does hope! Please, please, please consider donating as much as you are inclined and able to in order to contribute to the joy and magic!


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