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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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I am a member of Gonzaga's chapter of A Moment of Magic. I am super passionate about bringing joy to others and caring for those who are most in need. One thing I always hope to accomplish in my interactions with others is to always leave the other person with a smile on their face. The reason I am passionate about a Moment of Magic is because it allows kids to relish in simple moments of joy, moments when despite their surroundings their are enveloped with a sense of wonder, a sense of magic. My dream with this fundraiser is to become a chapter character so that I can more directly bring a little a joy, a little magic, into the life of a child. I am honored by this opportunity to engage with this organization and I hope that you could help me achieve this dream by donating to the costume fund. Any amount will help to bring a little extra joy to a child's life!


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