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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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: Brave, Strong, and Fearless. This is the our inspiring motto for a Moment of Magic, and it's something we should all apply to our own lives. A Moment of Magic is a nonprofit that uses creative programming in surrounding pediatric hospitals and other services by adding the element of magic! This means we have college students dressing up as lovable princesses, princes, and other characters, and visiting these children. To portray these characters, we need to have amazing costumes! These costumes are some of the best out there, and come with wigs, dresses, and everything in between. This fund is going to be used for that purpose, and any other necessities that come along with the costume upkeep. I am asking for $450, and for it to be raised by November 10th, 2017. Any amount would be greatly appreciate, and always remember to spread a little magic everyday!


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