Make Magic for Cassie!

A Moment of Magic Foundation

My name is Cassie and I am a new member of A Moment of Magic at the University of Arizona chapter. We help young fighters of pediatric cancer by being a source of joy and hope. My chapter and I breathe life into stories that these kids hold so dear to their hearts by coming to them as a beloved fairytale characters. The professional quality dress I am trying to earn is just chapter one, the introduction, a way to start off each child’s experience. But without it, I am just another visitor and helper who can only do so much. I am ready to provide the magic. I am just looking for a few fairy godmothers to help get me there. This opportunity allows me to bring that storytelling magic to kids who need it. To encourage them to believe. To let them have fun when their world is so often not. Help me make a positive impact in the best way I know how … with a little bit of magic.


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