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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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My name is Heidi Kreis and I am a sophomore at UNC - Chapel Hill. I am so lucky to be apart of an organization that serves children who need the reminder to ‘just be a kid.’ I currently serve on the Executive Board for A Moment of Magic at UNC as the Social Media Coordinator; I also plan crafts for our visits throughout the semester.

I recently attended a 5K benefitting and honoring the NC Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation with one of my princess friends. I saw childrens’ eyes light up as they spotted the princess, usually running up to her to give a high-5 or hug. I admired the way she treated each child with the same enthusiasm and support for their big race.

As a 19 year old, a princess touched my heart as she attempted to reach others. Working alongside the princesses at UNC has reminded me to be “brave, strong, and fearless,” and after spending time as a Magic Maker, I am so excited to be able to spread that magic too. We all need a princess or superhero sometimes!