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Diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at a young age, Caitlin was first interested in medicine because she wanted to better understand her own condition. After reading a biography on Marie Curie written by her daughter Eve Curie, Caitlin was in love. Since then, she’s taken numerous biomedical science classes and after a research internship in a biomedical engineering lab ultimately decided to pursue it as a major. Now a junior, she’s worked in an immunology lab and currently studies how estrogen affects blood pressure in the physiology lab of Dr. Brooks. Limited to a hospital during developmental years, Caitlin tested out a variety of sports to improve her motor skills. Gymnastics wasn’t fun, tap dancing was exciting but not for very long, and figure skating hurts when you fall a lot so her mom had her try horseback riding. Caitlin loved it and she’s been riding horses since.


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