Help Kayla Spread Some Magic!

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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I was lucky enough to join UNC Chapel Hill's A Moment of Magic chapter this past semester. This organization takes frequent trips to UNC children's hospitals and a variety of other locations as a way to spread a little magic to those who need it most. Our members dress up as princesses, superheroes, fairies, and other characters as a way to brighten a child's day and bring a little bit of happiness into their lives. I am fundraising $500 in order to pay for my costume this next semester so that I will be able to sprinkle a little bit of magic onto the children around me and give them an opportunity to just be kids for a while. I believe that the smiles and laughter can go a long way in a child's everyday life and I am beyond excited to see how much we can do in the future. I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing mission! Please consider donating to help me become a princess and spread some magic to lift the spirits of these beautiful children!


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