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Two months before his eleventh birthday, my younger brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A month before his birthday he had neurosurgery to diagnose his particular tumor, which resulted in various treatments including 39 weeks of chemotherapy. However, the medicine that was supposed to save his life poisoned him in the process, and the after-effects of diagnostic surgery had far-reaching consequences for his quality of life. My whole life revolved around my brother’s health. I can still smell hospital: a uniquely horrifying blend of burnt coffee and antiseptic. The worst thing about that experience is the overwhelming jealousy, resentment, guilt, devastating hopelessness of “what ifs.”
It is my belief that the healing process for pediatric patients is holistic. By donating to my cause, you will help me raise money for a costume to go on visits so I may bring joy back into the lives of children like my brother. So, please help me on my journey to bring more awareness.


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