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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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Hi, my name is Vaneda if you didn't already know and I go to Gustavus Adolphus College. Here at Gustavus, we have an amazing organization called "A Moment of Magic" or AMOM for short. This organization strives to make some magic and bring some joy and light into a child's day. We go and visit medically vulnerable children in hospitals, visit in their homes, or video calling them if the children live internationally. Our goals of this organization are to be brave, strong, and fearless; I truly believe in these goals and want to be able to show these qualities to these children and have an impactful place in their lives. But to be able to create these magic moments I will need to have a costume for the character I will play. To do so that's where you all come in! Any donations you contribute will greatly aid in the process of buying and altering the costume and creating magic ion these children's lives!


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