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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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I’m super friendly and i really value kindness. I may be 19 years old but I promise I’m a kid at heart and I forget I’m not 12 years old way to often. I laugh at basically anything and I try to be positive no matter what and see the good in every situation. I love being busy but it makes me a scattered/anxious person. I love to learn, watch documentaries, and READ! I played soccer, track, and the piano and violin basically my whole life and i will always have a passion for them. I love working with anyone/everyone, I’ve worked with special needs kids and I’ve taught them how to play the violin. I love the beach/ocean and animals are WAY cool. My life is always going 1000 miles an hour but i always make the best of it and I try to fit everyone/everything in. I have a 9 month old great dane that i absolutely love along with the rest of my family. I’m the oldest kid in my family (younger sister 15 & younger brother 9) so its kinda hard being away from my siblings and parents for longer t