Lily Swanson's Moment of Magic

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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My name is Lily Swanson and I am a first year student at Western Michigan University. I just recently joined a club at Western called A Moment of Magic. A Moment of Magic is a non profit organization that raises money for children with pediatric cancer along with visiting these children. This club has organizations in which us group members spend time with the children ourselves to make them feel special with either our own selves or our princesses in character. I am thrilled to have come across this organization in which I can help children have magical days to help forget about their sicker days. I am hoping to raise 450$ for my costume so that I can dress myself up as a princess and visit these kids in either hospitals, different organized events, or even through skype calls. I am very excited to have come across the opportunity of being able to help others in the most magical way, and hope to get the donations I need to make this happen!


of $450 goal