Natalie's A Moment of Magic Costume

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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A Moment of Magic is a National Foundation where college students dress up as characters and visit children in hospitals, orphanages, and many other places. We are all over the country! The whole dream behind the foundation is simply “RESTORING THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING AT A TIME WHEN A CHILD NEEDS TO 'JUST-BE-A-KID' AND REMINDING THEM TO BE BRAVE, STRONG, & FEARLESS.” Characters are made to be as authentic as possible, and to do that money has to be raised for the foundation and particularly for costumes. This is what I am doing. I believe in A Moment of Magic, and I am so excited to bring magic and joy to others in this way but I need help. This Give-ID will allow others to help me on this journey through monetary donations toward my costume! Thank you all!


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