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A Moment of Magic Foundation
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My name is Taylor Alphabet, and I participate in a club at the University of Arizona called A Moment of Magic. When I first learned about this organization, I presumed that members only dressed up as different fictional characters and visited children with terminal illnesses at local hospitals. Although these visits are the premise of the organization, I discovered that A Moment of Magic means much more. Character visits provide both the struggling families and the children with a new sense of courage and the innate need to “just-be-a-kid.” Furthermore, A Moment of Magic serves as an opportunity for children without terminal illnesses to escape the complexities of their own lives and focus on the incredible experience of meeting a favorite character. After discovering the widespread impact of this national organization, I knew that I had to get involved. In order to participate as a character in A Moment of Magic’s inspiring philanthropy, I need to raise $450 for a costume. Please help


of $450 goal