A Moment of Magic @ SBU

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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A Moment of Magic at Stony Brook University was established in 2017. The SBU chapter fundraises and advocates for A Moment of Magic and pediatric cancer.Some goals we would like to accomplish within the first year of our chapter’s inception would include spreading the word about the organization throughout the campus community, raising more than the requested $300 through increased fundraising, recruiting as many members as possible, collaborating with as many clubs and organizations, and establishing contact with local hospitals. We would like to bring awareness of this organization to the existing hospitals both at the campus of Stony Brook University and in the surrounding communities. Some of our long term goals include setting up a character chapter at our school and working with as many hospitals and/or schools as we can get to in the Suffolk county area. We would like to become a recognized and well-known organization throughout the Stony Brook community, and possibly be able to