Lindsey's Moment to Spread Magic-costume

A Moment of Magic Foundation
It gives us volunteers the opportunity to brighten a child's day within an environment that can otherwise be physically, emotionally and spiritually draining and dismal. That being said, in order to begin these hospital visits, I am in need of funds for a costume. My costume is custom fit, along with a wig, shoes, accessories, etc. The cost is $400 and I would be so appreciative to receive donations from my family and friends! Any amount can make a difference. This is a cause I am very passionate about, and seeing as I am working on a degree in nursing, this will be the first step in a long journey to spread some much needed magic to some very deserving children. Please watch the video on this page to gain a little insight into what I will be doing and what this organization is all about.
Much love,


of $450 goal