Danielle Kalleward's Moment of Magic

A Moment of Magic Foundation
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I just recently joined an amazing organization called A Moment of Magic. We are a group of college students who go around visiting kids whose childhood is being taken away from them, cancer doesn’t care how old you are and I believe every kid deserves to just be a kid. We go dressed as children’s favorite princesses and Super heroes. We are also trying to raise awareness for pediatric cancer, did you know that only 4% of cancer research funds go to pediatric cancer? I need your help, in order for me to become a character I must raise $450 to get my costume. These costumes are park quality, which means they are the best quality to bring the best experience to these kids. I joined this group because I have a huge heart for kids and I would love nothing more than to make them smile, give them the sense of imagination that cancer might otherwise take away from them and to raise their spirits and bring joy in times that are hard. It would be greatly appreciated if you could donate and help


of $450 goal